We are always happy to have old time & new friends visit us. Elizabeth, Lou & Adam



now we begin.

silence is first, that stillness in the heart.

then comes the breath. breath breathes us even when we forget about it.

follow the breath & forget the world, said the Buddha.

the Sufis say,”Breath is the body of God.”

breath is vital!

it is the bridge to the infinite say the mystics of Christ.

so the rhythm of the breath and the beat of the heart equal the music of life.

I go into the heart where the song comes through.

but where does it come from, the song?

from mystery, where else?

sound makes the universe; yet to have sound there must be silence.

silence is in the heart.

listen to the silence.




the universe comes into being on the wings of sound.

in the beginning was the word which was sound.

the OM of India is the AMEN of the west.

all creation vibrates with the life of this music.

it is the song, the one verse, which flows through all creation.

the words come from this life of being in the world yet dancing with the Infinite.

the music is the life while the rhythms of the breath and the beats of the heart melt us back into the song.

uplifted, living in this higher vibration in song we come together in this shimmering field.

held within this field.

listen to the silence.

the word sung is the sound of creation.

the one song.

listen to the stillness in the heart of the one song.




all songs come from love and are about love.

for there is nothing else we are here for than to allow love.

the Beloved dances between the words.

there is a song that I call the Anger Dance Song; it allows me to dance out anger and sadness and fear.

it is good to resist nothing, the song tells me.

as we embrace everything, as we learn to love hell we find ourself in heaven.

which is right here and now.

we turn into water and become soft and flowing.

god is Truth.

songs come from the heart.

love flows through the heart.

from stillness.

from silence.

listen to the song in the silence.

be still and listen.