Welcome! We are always happy to have old time and new friends visit us. We are a new collaboration and we have a new CD, SHIMMER, that has been released. The second CD is on the way. Our goal is to continue arranging EB’s original songs for CD’s, to play some old favorites, and to help raise funds for Little Kids Rock. We also perform for small or large house parties.

Some people used to ask me why I became a singer.  Back in the day it didn’t pay much. I used to wonder about that. Yet, why does a flower bloom?  Why does a storm happen?  Why does a dog play? It’s just its nature.  No reason.

SHIMMER is our new CD. Please check out our Music page to download a song.

Artist’s Bios:

ElizabethElizabeth Bunker
She was a singer/performer in Portland, Oregon. Creator of the Yoga for Life studio she is a teacher of the Way of Mastery and Yoga. She continues to let many new songs fall through, living in the Mystery of where they come from and why we don’t all melt in the sun. “All songs are love songs. Singing and dancing opens the heart and keep us opened to each other and to the Everywhere Spirit.”


LouArnoldLou Arnold
A graduate of the Longy School of music and a professional musician since the age of 15, is a guitarist and teacher in Central Massachusetts. He teaches at the Minor Chord in Littleton, Ma. He plays for weddings, parties and gatherings. He is equally at home with classical, jazz, folk and blues. He is as one follower puts it, “A guitarist’s guitarist. His touch is impeccable.”


AdamBergeronAdam Bergeron
His passion is creating new sounds through his original music. After playing in rock bands for over a decade, he decided to blend the various influences he experienced while playing jazz, folk, hip-hop, reggae, rock & metal as a multi-instrumentalist. Adam also honors his roots as a classical pianist, playing solo performances for eldercare facilities throughout New England.


TimGartlandTim Gartland
He has played bluesharp since he was a kid, has his own Blues band, teaches harmonica, and is a wizard in the studio.



JohnLittleSJohn Little
Maestro of UpsideSound. It takes a village to manifest a CD. John has an unerring ear for the erratic chord and the off-pitch. He shares our desire to keep the sound as pure as possible and the feel of a live recording. The occasional inbreath, the feel of the finger on a string. When not in the studio in Ashburnham, MA, John is on his boat.



Elizabeth, Lou, Adam & Eli

Elizabeth, Lou, Adam & Eli

Little Kids Rock!Little Kids Rock
Little Kids Rock provides music instruction for public school students who have been left behind due to budget cuts.